The most fundamental aspect of this exclusive in this program is to create authenticity and security in each participant through Tango Dance. It is also about improving communication skills and creativity, in contact with partners and/or clients.

The exercises are used to train the body, mind, and soul, transmitting movements of connection, interaction, living different sensations, and entertainment.

THE OBJECTIVES OF THE TANGO DANCE SEMINAR INCLUDE Good charisma and effect on others as well as more expression and empathy.

Promotes the ability to perceive, communicate and dialogue with others through dance. The training is aimed at all those who want to communicate consciously, constructively, and with personality.

All those who want to improve their interaction, share, and create more confidence in themselves and with the group. It helps self-esteem and to grow to lead a healthier life.

CONTENT AND METHODS The training addresses the three levels relevant to learning: physical experience, emotional access, and cognitive processing. Practical exercises with individual and partner body movements are the basis of the training to make communication tangible.

Coordination, balance. Also, the Seminar creates a positive atmosphere in the group and therefore has a reinforcing effect on learning and retention of the experiences made.

It could be said that it is a Dance therapy, activating the 5 senses + intuition. This new experience of connection with the group makes it possible to transfer it to the daily and professional environment.

No matter the age, social level, or profession, everyone can live this new experience of social Tango, sharing the embrace.

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Economic proposal Duration of the program:

1 hour and 30 minutes (flexible time, it can be shorter or longer)

Travel expenses:

Round trip flight + hotel and food during the stay, pick up from the airport (within the United States) + USD 1500 ( the Tango Program for clients and companies ) .


Analía Centurión is an internationally renowned tango dancer and master. From the tender age of 6 in Buenos Aires – Argentine, his studies included piano and classical ballet.

She started dancing Argentine Tango in 1995. Two years later she became a tango champion in the most prestigious youth competitions in the province of Buenos Aires. 1997

His career includes dancing with the companies of Juan Carlos Copes 2004, Mora Godoy 2007, and the great Mariano Mores 1998 and

in some of the most famous Tango Dinners / Shows in Buenos Aires: Piazzolla Tango Show, Madero Tango Show, La Ventana Tango, and many more, La Cumparcita tango Show ( director Luis Bravo Forever tango).

In Buenos Aires, she learned with great milongueros like Mingo Pugliese, Puppy Castello, and Gerardo Portalea. Acting in the most famous milongas: La Baldosa, El Parakultural, Sunderland Club, etc. She also studied and graduated from the «Styles of Argentine Tango» academy. 2004


More recently, she has represented his Argentine culture at the Vail International Dance Festival, along with great stars of the American Ballet Theater and Martha Graham Dance Company (2011- 2013- 2014), among others.


She is part of tango programs for children in the Washington dc Metro Area, «tango y soocer», as well as programs for women in prison. Tango helps with self-esteem and reinsertion back into society.
Connection with the embrace, music, and self-esteem.
The dance helps the body, mind, and spirit.


His art gained recognition in magazines like The New Yorker and was news nine times in the New York Times.


As a teacher, she has participated in numerous international tango festivals: London (2009), Seoul (2010), Beijing (2009), Hong Kong (2012), Paradise Bali (2015), Sydney (2012 and 2014), Red Carpet Tango Festival (Las Vegas, 2012-14), Argentina’s Dancing with the Stars, Jakarta (2013).

Japan (2009-2010), Toronto- Canada (2011), Istanbul (2015), Caserta (Italy, 2016), Toronto – Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Greece, Baltic Nations, Stockholm, and many more.

She has recently been teaching seminars, and workshops and performing in New York NY, San Francisco CA, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Salinas CA, Albuquerque NM, Miami FL, El Paso TX, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Honolulu, and Kailua HI, Nashville, Atlanta, Rochester NY, BUENOS AIRES.


She was a dancer at LA OPERA MARIA DE BUENOS AIRES IN NYC (OCT. 2018) AND ATLANTA OPERA (APRIL 2019). Show in New Word Symphony Miami – Florida 2022.


She ALSO is a jury at the tango festival with competition at LAX (summit tango international festival) ( 2018 – 2019 ). Toronto Tango Marathon 2021 – Burning Tango Festival 2022 USA-


In Argentina, Analia is the founder of Centurion Tango Academy in Chacabuco, Buenos Aires, where she has taught and directed her school for more than five years.



At present Analía directs the first online Tango Academy «Tango Centurión» exclusively for women. ( programs female technique specials and tips blog for women – also active female YouTube channel), In Spanish and English.


Blog Women tango

Free trial – Women tango technique – Video


Analía Centurión.