Have you ever wondered how to achieve better balance while dancing tango?

Do you feel you are losing your balance and don’t know how to get it back?

If you are passionate about dancing tango and want to be more confident and in fullness in each step, you have come to the right place.

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, the theme of balance is one of the fundamental keys of my book.


What will you find in this gift?

I am sharing a practical video with some tips to enhance your balance and connect with your inner balance to feel more confident and enjoy dancing.

I am Analía Centurión, a dancer and coach of Argentine tango with more than 26 years of experience, author of the book «Shine in your Tango» and creator of Tango Centurión Academy online.

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Remember that the path of self-knowledge both in dance and in life is not from one day to the next, in this book I want to accompany you on this journey of Tango, transformation, and fulfillment.



«Shine in your tango»

Thank you and welcome. Analía Centurión


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