The 6 distractions that prevent you from enjoying the tango

Do you know what are the 6 anti-tango distractions?

When dancing, we may encounter distractions, as in life itself, that can affect the quality of the dance and the famous connection with our partner. In this short and to-the-point article, I will introduce you to some of the most common distractions:

1- 👀 Looking everywhere: this is the main point, that’s why I name it in the first place. Concentrate neither on yourself, nor on the embrace, nor on the music, or on that magical energy that surrounds you and that we always want to feel when we dance. What are you looking at? The mirror? Another partner? Who is watching you from the table? Don’t look outside, everything is inside you. You don’t have to look at anything specific, just concentrate and you will feel like hypnotized in the embrace. 🌀 And MAGIC will happen. 🔮 Otherwise, it will go to another partner. ✈️



2- 🥺 Personal worries: Sometimes our personal worries come with us when we dance and can affect our concentration and our ability to connect with ourselves and our dance partner. How do we control it, don’t we go to the dance? If you really want to go, then take a deep breath and before you go, look at yourself in the mirror at home and repeat, «I’m going out to have fun, I look beautiful and I want to have a good time.» Smile and go for more.

This is not to say that for the whole dance, you will look fantastic, but if you arrive with a change of energy, you will have a great time even for an hour, and then you can rest. Tell us below if you have other alternatives, we read you!

In summary, developing a tango mindset involves listening to your feminine intuition, creating the space and time to connect with yourself, and fostering a healthy mindset. If you practice these details as small habits, you will achieve golden results. No one is forcing you but dancing tango has all the benefits to feel fulfilled. Many people are missing out. But you are privileged to choose it.

I invite you to reflect and send a sincere message to a woman you admire. A small initiative can make a big difference in changing people’s mentalities and make the tango environment a powerful, feminine, and magical place.


3- 😠 Technical glitches: Technical problems such as a poor fit of the dress, your skirt riding up, or uncomfortable shoes can be distracting and hinder your ability to perform movements as you want. It’s important not to wear anything uncomfortable if you want to enjoy good runs. Try on your clothes at home, you don’t need much time. I assure you that you will remember me. heh!



4- 🙈 Dancing partner: It is common not to coordinate with the tanguero who asks you to dance. It doesn’t happen only to you. Sometimes, that milonguero has technical balance problems or you don’t understand his or her brand, or you don’t like his or her musicality. It can be challenging to maintain the connection, which indicates that this partner at that moment is not compatible with you. Maybe another day you will feel differently. Don’t be discouraged, there’s dancing for a while and you’ll make a match with other tangueros.



5- 😬 Comparison with other women: It’s easy to get distracted by comparing your ability with other tangueras in the room, or in a class, which can affect your confidence and your ability to enjoy the dance. Focus on your process, your skills, and your path. Other women have other challenges. It’s good to be inspired by and admire other tangueras. Boost your enthusiasm and brilliance.

Go up to them and tell them you like how they dance. This will impact your feeling. I recommend it.


6- 😟 Expectations: When we focus too much on the movements that are going to mark us, anticipating them with the mind and feeling that they are difficult and will not come out beforehand, and meet the expectations of the one who invites us to dance, it can be difficult to enjoy the tanda and maintain the emotional connection. Another distraction that repeats itself. Without expectations there is more enjoyment, let yourself be surprised even if you are very curious and anxiety haunts you. Om 🧘

So recognizing these distractions and working on your ability to focus on you, the music, and the embrace are key points for your growth and knowing what to focus on, through mindfulness practice, breaths, visualizations (see video below), seeking a coach and focusing on the present moment during your dance.

All will help you to keep moving forward and become more confident.

Recommended video.



⚠️ Also, remember that tango is about emotional connection, feeling the music is not just about technique and difficult movements. You are dancing your own story with someone else’s story.

I hope these secrets have helped you, that by writing them down they help me remember them and not get lost along the way. I wanted to share them with you and with this community of wonderful women who accompany me. You can share it with your friends and in the networks so that more tangueras can enjoy it.

Pd: ha and I forgot, 7- talking during the dance also deconcentrates je!!!. Thanks, Analía Centurión 💕 Are Any others to recommend? I think there are several extras left out there.

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