Dangerous distractions

❌ The 3 dangerous distractions when dancing.

When I put in the title «dangerous», I felt a bit exaggerated, ha! 🙊 But I consider them important, that’s why I want to share them.

👉 The causes of distractions can be several, today we are going to focus on those related to tango and to milonguear more connected, comfortable, and confident.



😉 These are the 3 distractions that I consider relevant and I hope they will add to your tango path, maybe you already know them and/or you have some others to add.

1❌- Talking during the dance (it disconnects you from the feeling of the embrace) doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but it’s distracting.


That’s why many women don’t understand the leader’s mark, there is a conversation with all the senses, but not with speech.

Try it, maybe it connects you better. The most appropriate time to talk is between tango and tango (to engage in small talk) .

2 ❌- Look all around.


This is also distracting, don’t look at anything specific, put your eyes in concentration mode so that the people or things around you at the moment you are dancing don’t distract you and you just enjoy the journey on the dance floor.

I don’t want you to be distracted by things that are not important, like a mirror, chairs, or another person. Pure focus inside your dance bubble.

3 ❌- Uncomfortable clothes.


There is no rule or law for tango attire and look, but I do know that we want to be comfortable and elegant.

😉 For me a lot of times my dress rides up ( that’s my big problem, I’m still researching heh). The truth is it’s quite distracting.

Did you think there are materials that snag more than others, or clothes that ride up too much? 🤔

🙏 Well I invite you to keep it in mind. This is a fancy tip heh.

👁️ Eye! that distraction can be a mechanical phenomenon, lack of interest in the object or situation, or attention disorder.

Sometimes it can’t be avoided, but if we want to achieve a greater connection with our dance it will be important to take it into account.


Can it be improved?

💪 Yes! of course, it can be improved.

Just by realizing that it is happening to us often, it can be trained step by step.

Except if you’re dancing out of obligation and you can’t wait for that tanda to end. 🥺

👉 But before you regret going out with someone to dance you didn’t want to, you can put your best foot forward and enjoy it anyway. Instead of complaining and getting distracted, for your Milonguero it can be a very special tanda. Believe it, he will sense it. 🙏


If we dig a little deeper into the little topic of distractions.

🤓 According to great experts ( sources extracted from Wikipedia )

Distractions can manifest themselves from:

🔴 External sources: by stimuli and physical senses.

🔴 Internal sources: thoughts, emotions, feelings, physical urges.

🙏 There are also cases in older people that the weakness in their memory can affect and are more recurrent distractions. Dancing and activities where we need to pay attention can help the distraction to decrease. It is always important to consult a specialist in case it is advanced or you feel you need help.

I hope you liked today’s little tips from today’s tango for women blog.

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I leave you my WhatsApp and we can coordinate sessions. 🤳

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