Do you feel rushed «milongueando»?

Do you feel rushed «milongueando»?

Today in this post, I want to share with you my 3 secrets that can guide you to have greater mastery and control when you are rushing while you are dancing

Has it ever happened to you that on a first date, that person talks a lot to the point that he does not let you say a word? That has happened to me, and I have also spoken too fast as well ha!


Many times you speak quickly out of nervousness and anxiety, and the same can happen when dancing, managing to mess up or make mistakes because we are anticipating.

But it is part of the process, to learn and control. Do not be discouraged, it is very common and more so in the first years of dancing.

When I was writing this blog content, I got some past memories related to this subject and remembered how we learned, if you anticipated the dance the teachers would tell you: «don’t dance alone, wait for the lead», but they did not explain how to dominate this moment. «It was a call to attention so that you take it into account.»Direct and to the point.


It was not that we did not understand the lead, it was just lack of control and confidence, and instead of making one step, I was doing 3 ha!.

Although sometimes there are leads that are not clear, the experience helps us to detect the smallest signs in the embrace, and to let go as the teachers told me long ago.

Follow your learning pace and do not rush to achieve better results. 😉

In this content I am going to confess my 3 secrets and suggestions that can help you, like they help me when we are dancing too fast.  Maybe it is happening to you and / or it has happened to you in the past.

⭐ 1 – The importance of breathing.

⭐ 2 – Anxiety control

⭐ 3 – Finding confidence.

I am sure you already know it but I will bring  it up because sometimes we forget and a little push does not hurt.

1-Breathing is a very important factor when dancing, it is essential for our body.

It helps stimulate the nervous system, it is key to increase oxygen in our brain, spine and nerves and  it helps you relax, calming our mind and body. 

If you add a session of slow breathing to your daily routine, you will get used to having a healthy breathing and thus help to relieve stress anxiety. Everything is connected.


Okay! Going back a bit to the talk on the first date, the example I gave earlier, the ideal situation is to take it easy, don’t tell your whole life on the first date, or everything at once heh, but go step by step and talk little by little, generating pauses so that you listen to each other and the conversation flows.

Some people speak too fast, maybe they screw up or they get tired and / or overwhelmed. I understand that you have to be yourself, but it is better to add a little mystery and save material for the next dates or next tangos. It is an example to relate it to today’s topic that is also reflected in the dance. And it can help to slow down. (It is valid for both roles).

I leave you this post dedicated to the «milongueando» breathing. (Keys to achieve better breathing when «milongueando»).


2- Anxiety is our enemy number 1.

If in the compass we use all the embellishments we know, it is going to look like a nervous dance and then there will be none left to surprise, it will become a repetitive and monotonous tango.

The leader will not be able to stop us and will end up following us. Heh

 Going little by little is the key, to see how the other person reacts, it is body talk.

The first tango of the «tanda» as I always say (I call it the “test tango”, I feel the embrace, the dynamics, the perfume, and I can tell you the same thing happens to them), being more cautious is the key, and in the second dance there is more confidence and in the third or fourth you understand the style even more and you will achieve a greater connection.

«Give it all gradually.»


3-Trust: we all talk about trust but sometimes it is difficult for us to find what it is that prevents us from moving forward, things do not happen magically and we must investigate what the problem is.

Trust is gained little by little, and can be destroyed in a second, it is something fragile and that is when insecurity appears.

Like that date or every embrace you had with that person, you will be gradually generating  trust, but you have to be patient and also if you want to build that trust, you will be achieving great success.

Many people spend their whole lives or they do not succeed, we can avoid this but it depends only on yourself.  

It is important to practice our dance regardless of what the leader is going to lead, find your personal tango first and then you can adapt to different embraces.

A good training routine will gradually generate a greater daily confidence. With small habits you will achieve great and long lasting results.

I hope these suggestions made with love and commitment help you a little to go through these moments. Thank you for reading this blog.


And remember «Changes are challenges that open doors to new opportunities.» Candidman


We look forward to your comment. Has it ever happened to you?

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