What is «Elegance» tango

What is «Elegance»?

In tango there is a lot of talk about elegance, but what is it, in reality, for everyone?

In this article, we discuss elegance: what it is, where it resides, and how to develop it.
The first fundamental point in this topic is that elegance is a personal choice; it is intangible, it resides and exists in people.

It has to do with movement, with posture, with the image we give to the outside, with inner beauty, and with our way of being. All this makes it impossible to know exactly when someone is elegant or not. 🌹

What I mean, for example, a woman is elegant because she is distinguished, that she has style and good taste; or she may be so because of her behavior, movement, or dress. In tango, being told that you are elegant is a great compliment; a good walk, good posture, musicality, good codes, and knowing how to express yourself well are some of the characteristics associated with elegance in tango. Even so, it all depends on tastes, experiences, and personal preferences: elegance will also vary according to the eyes of the beholder.

On the other hand, we can also affirm that an elegant person is the one who knows how to choose the best for each moment. The word «elegant» derives from «elegant», which comes from the Latin «choose», meaning to choose.

Seen in this way, elegance consists of choosing according to a series of qualities, such as your own characteristics and features, the occasion, the time, and the place. So, yes: every woman has her own elegance. 🌹

According to experts say that to be elegant must shine simply, as a simple and clear style, is opposed to heavy, overloaded, and exaggerated.

I mean the way you wear, show, feel or say things.

Two types of elegance can be distinguished: inner and outer elegance.

🌹 Inner elegance is linked to aesthetic taste, delicacy, personal stamp, knowing how to choose, discretion, simplicity, virtue, and serenity.

🌹 Outward elegance is linked to good manners, vocabulary, clothing, personal grooming, smiling, gratitude, body language, and perfume, among others.

Now, the question you are going to ask me is: Can I learn to be elegant?

Can I learn to be elegant? Yes!
How do I do it?

🌹1- Find a good position for your body, natural, without tension or stiffness.

🌹2- Learn to control the speed of the movement; it must be calm, not rushed or anticipated, at the time of slower dancing you will be able to manage even more that situation and enjoy it.

🌹3- Make sure to form harmonic lines in the legs, in the body, and with the clothes, where your body image will be shown off even more.

🌹4- Achieve a personal and intellectual balance.

🌹5- It is also achieved by choosing what you are internal, the noblest thing you have.

🌹6- Work on the details to achieve a greater connection with yourself, which will help you discover your own elegance, which is unique and no one else has it.

Attention: elegance has nothing to do with the money we have, but rather, with how we perceive ourselves and show ourselves to the world, and above all, demonstrate our inner wealth.

«Elegance is not only beautiful, it is also the way you think and the way you move.» Carolina Herrera 🌹
Did you know that you can learn to be elegant? Or did you think that a woman is just «born elegant», tell me in a comment what you think?

Controlling a PAUSE while dancing, maybe it will help you to feel more elegant.

PD: If you want to continue learning tango to feel more elegant, join our community of tango for women, we will soon have news.

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