Milonguera´s Horoscope

Any similarity and/or resemblance with reality is pure coincidence.


Ariana (March 21 to April 20)
Adventurous and energetic.

She loves challenges, new ideas and freedom.

She is a milonguera who does not like to be given many instructions, preferring to give them herself.

With a restless personality, she can’t sit still for too long.

She is very friendly, her table is always crowded.

She is also very intellectual and honest.

She has a very confident dance and transmits a beautiful energy to the people around her.

She can reach leadership positions, a good milonga organizer and/or choreographer.

Some Tangueras of this sign: Milena Plebs – Noelia Hurtado – Raquel Makow – Maria Silvia Micci – Dani Van Rod – Natasha Lewinger – Maria Tsiatsiani, among others.

World famous celebrities: Mariah Carey – Celin Dion – Sara Jessica Parker

Taurina (April 21 to May 21)

She is a milonguera of good heart, and very affectionate, she loves to dance very close and with pause.

She also likes stability, you will always see her at her favorite milonga and you will find her as much as possible at the same table.

She is very elegant and traditional, she does not like to be insisted if she does not want to dance.

She enjoys going out and is not very homely, she prefers to have plans, but at the same time a bit routine.

She likes beautiful things, art, music, good food and drinks.

She has a strong and determined character, when she organizes a plan there is no one who can change it.

Some tangueras of this sign: Yanina Erramouspe – Roxana Suarez – Laura Melo – Natacha Poberaj – Marta Antón – Samantha Dispari – Soledad Rivero – Aurora Lubiz – Hebe Ripsy Martinez, among others.

World famous celebrities: Janet Jackson – Penélope Cruz –

Geminian (May 22 to June 21)
She is one of those very adaptable and versatile milongueras.

She is very communicative, intelligent and sociable, you will see her walking in the milonga, chatting and greeting everyone, friends and not so much.

She likes to enjoy a variety of hugs and milonga styles.

She tends to be elegant and striking because of her extroverted personality.

She enjoys fun and new situations, as well as changing milongas and environments. Meeting different people is her weakness.

She loves the varied tandas, it is her favorite moment.

She manages to be very successful, her personality makes her realize many of her dreams.

She stands out for being a passionate milonguera.

Some Tangueras of this sign: Adriana Naveira – Vanina Bilous – Jimena Hoeffner – Analía Centurión Carolina Zokalski – among others.

World famous celebrities: Paulina Rubio – Angelina Jolie – Nicole Kidman – Marilyn Monroe.

Cancerian (June 22 – July 22)
She is very emotional, affectionate and sympathetic.

She likes to go out, and more if it is close to her home, she also enjoys very much to be at home.

She is very romantic.

She is very intuitive, she detects immediately with whom she does not want to dance and with whom she does want to dance.

She loves a protective hug and to be cared for.

She has a varied personality, she can be shy and audacious at the same time, being successful in the environment.

She has a more conservative tango, she likes solitude, but when it is time to go dancing she is very sociable.

She is very creative and is even one of those inspiring milongueras.

Some tangueras of this sign: Virginia Gómez – Inez Muzzopapa – Virgina Pandolfi – Elina Roldán – among others.

World renowned celebrity : Pamela Anderson

Leonine (July 23 to August 22)
She is creative and enthusiastic, generous and faithful.

She likes adventure and a good champagne can not miss at the table of the milonga.

When she arrives at the party she is the queen, she attracts attention for her extroverted personality.

She has confidence and can show it on the dance floor.

She is imaginative and if she gets confused while dancing she continues as if nothing happened, she doesn’t worry too much.

She loves to say hello, chat and be complimented on her dress or shoes at the milonga.

She is successful and is often invited to dance.

She is very demanding and as a milonguera she does not miss a single detail.

Some tangueras of this sign: Guillermina Quiroga – Noelia Coletti – Magdalena Gutierrez – Laura Grandi – Claudia Codega – Noelia Barsi – among others.

World famous : Jennifer Lopez

Virginian (August 22 to September 22)
She is shy and intelligent, it is difficult for her to start and go out to dance, although when she feels confident everything flows.

She is very analytical and reliable, she is one of those milongueras who observe a lot what happens in the milonga before activating the dance.

She is also very conservative and detail oriented, maybe if she doesn’t find something to wear she doesn’t go out to milonga.

She has a very clean and elegant tango.

She is very fun and studious, you will see her in a variety of classes analyzing different styles.

Sometimes she is meticulous and even plays against her a little bit when it comes to enjoying herself, she never stops thinking about the details she has learned.

She is in the group of passionate and creative milongueras.

Some tangueras of this sign: Natalia Games – Graciela Gonzales – Coca Cartery – Daiana Guspero – Julieta Qüestas – Mariana Dragone – Maria del Carmen Romero- Lucila Cionci – Maria Nieves Rego – Silvana Anfossi among others.

World famous celebrities : Claudia Schiffer – Gloria Estejan – Cameron Díaz

Librian ( September 23 to October 23 )
She is very sociable and charming, when she arrives at the milonga she is very welcoming and pleasant to greet.

She is very elegant and has a good style to dress up when going out.

She enjoys group classes, tango classes and working in a team.

She is very curious and observant, she knows very well who she wants to dance with and who she does not want to dance with.

She has a good sense of smell and detects where the best milongueros are.

She likes to live new experiences, that’s why, from time to time, a little trip to different places to meet milongas and people, will never be superfluous.

She is very friendly, she is always taken into account when it is time to go out to milongaar.

Some tangueras of this sign: Gisela Natoli – Mariana Parma – Nelida Fernando- Corina de la Rosa- among others.

World famous celebrities: Catherina Zeta-Jones – Talia.

Scorpio ( October 23rd to November 22nd )
You are very passionate and emotional.

She is very intense and energetic, so when it comes to dancing she doesn’t hold anything back, she wants to show her talent to the maximum.

Although it seems a milonguera that is obviating what happens at the party, it is the opposite is the sign that does not miss any detail and situation.

She is also very selective with her friends, very loyal and expects the same from others.

It is very confident and precise, has an active and defined dance, does not lose the detail.

She is very discreet and reserved.

If it is a matter of making projects come true, this is the right milonguera.

Some Tangueras of this sign: Moira Castellano – Cristina Sosa – Karina Colmeiro – Maria Rivarola – Gachi Fernandez – Silvina Valz – among Sabrina Veliz, others.

World famous celebrities: Julia Roberts – Winona Rider

Sagittarian ( November 23 to December 20)
She is very intellectual, nice and honest.

She is one of those milongueras who knows all the orchestras and singers.

She has good humor, many people want to sit at her table.

She loves to travel and go to festivals, marathons and milongas in the area.

A little distracted, obsessive and when she dances, she is quite restless, she loves to make adornments.

She is also creative and versatile, she can be a good organizer of milongas and events.

She likes freedom and is very friendly, everyone tells her to go dancing because she surely has a plan.

Milongueras among the most outstanding of this sign: Carolina Bonaventura – among others.

World famous celebrities: Britney Spears – Cristina Aguilera

Capricornian (December 22 to January 22)
You are ambitious and disciplined, if you go to a class until you get it right, you do not stop practicing.

She has a lot of patience and goes step by step.

She is that milonguera that transmits tranquility, confidence and peace at the time of dancing.

She is also very demanding and detail oriented, she is one of those good advisors that will find the right problem for you.

She is very reserved and prefers to have few but very special friends.

She can manage a good milonga, and it will be successful.

Some tangueras of this sign: Eladia Cordoba – Carmencita Calderón – Elba Natali Sottile – Laura Casco Zorzon – Stella Baez – Silvia Toscano – among others.

World famous celebrity: Diane Keaton

Aquarian (January 20 – February 18)
She is sympathetic and humanitarian, she is one of those milongueras who dances with everyone, who have no problem if she is kicked or if they are beginners or advanced, zero drama.

She is super independent and fun.

She enjoys good friends, she always arrives accompanied.

She is very adaptable in both hugs and opinions, she is flexible and very honest.

She has a lot of patience, teaching would be a great choice.

She is very studious, if she is corrected, she will accept the opinion in spite of the fact that perhaps it is not good.

She has a very clean and determined dance.

She does not like the fashionable milongas, she prefers the one of the neighborhood or where there is not so much overcrowding.

She does not find her loyal friendship right away, but it will be welcome.

Some tangueras of this sign: Johana Copes – Olga Besio – Lola Díaz – Esther Pugliese – among others.

World famous celebrities : Shakira – Jenniffer Aniston

Piscean (February 19 to March 20)
She is very imaginative and sensitive.

She likes the Mystery, she is one of those milongueras that you do not know if they go out to dance or not, she often arrives alone and you do not know to which milonga she went, where she came from or where she is going.

She can have a very active day and go to several milongas during the day, to live different surprise experiences.

She is calm and friendly, she is a great joy if we see her coming through the door, a good meal is a must at her table or a «picadita.» ( several small plates of food, variety, to share with friends. cheeses, potatoes, ham, olives. different styles.)

She is very loved by groups of friends, she is affectionate and loyal.

She is very creative, you will see her show off on the dance floor with an active embrace, transmitting enjoyment and kindness.

Some Tangueras of this sign: Lorena Ermocida – Corina Herrera – Marina Montes – among others.

World famous celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor – Sharon Stone –

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